Get New Gravel Features in the Sunset & Lafayette, LA Areas

Reach out to us for gravel installation or grading services

Does your gravel walkway, driveway or patio look a little worse for wear? If your space is unlevel or no longer draining properly, reach out to the pros at Acker Blacktop Paving. Our team has experience completing gravel grading jobs for home and business owners in the Sunset & Lafayette, LA area. Once your land has been graded and leveled, they can then put down their rock mixture comprised of recycled asphalt, crushed concrete, and limestone before your foundation is laid.

Don't drive over a bumpy driveway every day - call 337-781-5999 now to schedule gravel grading services.

Choose to use gravel to enhance your property

Choose to use gravel to enhance your property

There are many reasons why local home and business owners choose to install gravel features in their front and backyards. You'll love gravel because it's:

  • Unique - make your property stand out by installing a one-of-a-kind gravel feature
  • Affordable - ask a member of our crew for a free estimate on your gravel installation
  • Beautiful - browse through our large rock selection to find gravel that complements your space

Need help adding a new gravel feature or sprucing up an old one? Schedule gravel installation services in Sunset & Lafayette, LA or the surrounding areas today.