Protect Your Community Members From Dangerous Potholes

Let us handle your pothole repairs in the Sunset & Lafayette, LA area

It's happened to all of us. You're driving in the dark and you don't see the gaping hole in the road until it's too late. THUNK! THUNK! Your front and back wheels bounce in and out of it before you can react. Prevent this situation from happening to anyone else by scheduling pothole repair services from Acker Blacktop Paving.

Our asphalt patching method allows us to fix any size pothole in or around Sunset & Lafayette, LA without having to completely tear out and repave the surface.

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Who can potholes hurt?

Who can potholes hurt?

It's important to schedule concrete or asphalt patching services at the first sign of damage. Potholes pose a risk to:

  • Motorcyclists - driving over deep potholes could cause motorcycles to flip
  • Pedestrians - stepping in a pothole accidentally could result in ankle injuries
  • Automobile drivers - hitting a pothole could cause a blown tire or rim damage

Swerving to avoid a pothole could also cause accidents involving all three groups of people.

Schedule pothole repair services today to make your roads in the Sunset & Lafayette, LA area smooth and safe.