Maintain a Smooth Asphalt Surface in or Around Sunset & Lafayette, LA

Add an asphalt sealant to your driveway or parking lot

Your asphalt is exposed to a lot of forces that can cause it to break down over time, including UV rays, oxidation, moisture, oil and gas. To prevent your asphalt features from eroding or becoming damaged, reach out to Acker Blacktop Paving. We provide efficient seal coating services in Sunset & Lafayette, LA and the surrounding areas.

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Discover the benefits of sealing your asphalt features

Discover the benefits of sealing your asphalt features

Whether you have an asphalt parking lot or driveway, your property could benefit from our seal coating services. Adding a protective layer to your asphalt features will:

  • Help you save money by reducing your long-term repair costs
  • Raise your property's value by boosting your curb appeal
  • Make it easier to see line striping in your parking lot

Applying a fresh coat of asphalt sealant is recommended in the Sunset & Lafayette, LA area every one to three years. If your asphalt is due for another application, contact us today.